magda mo

Real Estate Sales Representative

My passion is real estate.
I have dedicated over 30+ years to this profession and I have not looked back. My enthusiasm for my work is endless.

To be able to work smoothly with you, I often develop a personal relationship, understanding your needs and wants. You can put your trust in me.

What differentiates me from the crowd is my ability to listen and communicate well. I am experienced and highly knowledgeable. I am there for you when you reach out and I am always able to negotiate the best terms for you.

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When you entrust your home to me to sell, no matter at what price point, you know I will be there to guide you from beginning to end, I will take the stress off you and get you the best end results. I am responsive to your inquiries and am always attentive to details.

For my buying clients, I educate you from the beginning of the journey to make sure you know the neighbourhoods that you would  like to live in and to bring up your families. I work with you  to find out your needs. It is a tireless process which can take months or years, but getting the right house  for you in the end is my ultimate goal. It is an achievement.

I live in the Summerhill neighbourhood with my husband. My children grew up and attended schools nearby. I know it well.

My Background

I spent nearly 10 years in England for my earlier education. I graduated from The University Of London with an undergraduate degree in science. Upon graduation, I moved to Waterloo, Ontario to pursue my postgraduate degree in Master of Apply Science.

When I graduated, I was offered a position in  Management Consulting with a large firm in downtown Toronto

However my interests had always been in real estate and I have always enjoyed looking at and admiring the architecture around the world. After a few years, I decided to transition into the real estate profession and I am still going strong.

Because I CARE.


kerrie mcnair

Real Estate Sales Representative

Kerrie has a diverse history in real estate. After beginning her career in administration and deal processing, she went on to work as an executive assistant. Four years ago she found her true passion in sales. Kerrie is hardworking, driven, detail-oriented, and responsive. She is wholly committed to her client’s needs. She’s lived in Toronto most of her life, growing up in Lawrence Park and attending St. Clements School, but has also spent considerable time in New Zealand where her husband, Andrew, grew up. They now live in Playter Estates.

My baby girl was only five months old when we connected with Magda for help with moving out of our small downtown Toronto condo. It was the peak of the housing boom, and we worried that we wouldn't find a house in our price range to meet the needs of our growing family.

Magda was professional and thoughtful from the very start. A mother herself,
she understood when my husband and I couldn't attend viewings together because our baby hated car seats - so she'd show the home twice. She knew I was nursing, so she'd carefully plan cluster viewings around my baby's feedings.
She took the opportunity to EDUCATE us on what made a good family home; after all, this was our first house and we didn't know what we didn't know. She would even suggest passing over homes that we thought were desirable; and in retrospect, we were relieved we didn't put offers in those homes. Despite losing many "bidding wars," she kept our spirits high. We eventually found our current house in a neighbourhood we knew nothing about; as it turns out, we couldn't have found a better home.

- Janette and RobertBuyers, East York